Playing In The Sand ?

I first saw this a couple of years ago not long after Kseniya Simonova won Ukraine' Got Talent. 
I'm not sure how many people have seen this but if you haven't it's well worth a look.  Kseniya is both beautiful and amazingly talented.  It's quite emotional stuff but I wanted to share it with you, I hope you enjoy.


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That performance was the most amazing display of talent I have ever seen. She is not only talented, but very beautiful...just awesome !!!

She's so gifted isn't she ? Glad you liked it. She's done loads of others too, this was just from one episode.

Oh Bree, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I saw a guy on AGT our version of it and he did something similar. Very Patriotic. Quite exquisite since I'd never seen it done before. He did people, did the flag and turned it into the statue of liberty. He did it to one our patriotic national songs. Which I think really means something different for everyone. I imagine depending on how far he makes it he will eventually get to 9-11 which will in fact be incredible. I had never seen anyone do something this beautiful. I didnt know it is existed. To be honest most Americans probably dont. But wow. What an amazing beautiful art has been created here. Art is so universal in so many ways. What the artist feels and expresses is interpreted by so many others from different perspectives.... So each gets his own story from it. Its art. I love it. Geez look at me I am rambling. I will have to share this video with my little corner of America. Thank you I miss the ever living womanly, loving, sparkly, shining, sexy, sassy, hottness that you are SO MUCH!! You have no idea. usual you're way too kind. I'm glad you liked this and thanks for letting me know about the American guy......I'm gonna have to take a look.
I miss you too....hope you're ok......MWAH xx

<3 Love.

What a fabuluous talent she has. I loved it. It touched my heat. I was born in 1945. I can see why she won. Thank you for bringing thi to me.

Thank you for posting that.....I'm speechless.....absolutely amazing. please add me

Glad you liked it. She's just so talented. xx

Brilliant ... just brilliant! <br />
Thanks for posting it! :-)

Btw, the blonde at 4:00 looks like your hair

Lol! Right, she kind of took it in the wrong direction, eh? I was hesitant about making that comparison, because Kseniya morphed the figure's appearance, but the similarity of your hair for that moment was striking...and the figure was beautiful

Thanks for Sorting Izzy out with that.......I've been a little busy :)

She's quite amazing the way she can change the appearance of someone like that. This was just one of the shows she did. You can see the others on Youtube.

I have been watching a few...I also found an interview with her and another Ukrainian artist, not sure what she does, but it was interesting to see how down to earth Kseniya was, as I had built up in my mind an amazement for her talent

My pleasure!

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Thank you Bree

It's a pleasure Bonvie

That is quite the most remarkable thing I have ever seen...Sparkles, I am going to see if I can find you a link