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i have a friend that i like and he likes me too but i really dont want a relationship now.
it started 4 years ago when we just became friends. i knew he was developing feelings for me. he eventually asked me out but i told him i just wanted to remain friends. i had had feelings for him 2 but i didnt tell him that. i thought eventually he would get over it but he didnt. we remained friends until late last year when he told me he couldnt bear speaking to me everyday and having these feelings and not being able to do anything about it. he decided it would be best if we stopped talking and seeing each other entirely. i understood and i gave him the space he needed.
we started talking again out of the blue early this year and its obvious he still has feelings for me and although he hasnt come out and said it i know things may turn out the way they did last time becos i still dont want a relationship. i want to keep talking to him but i know dat wont be fair to him. i really need advice.
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Why don't you want a relationship with him? I would love it if someone wanted me this much. He sounds like a keeper!

i guess he is. just not for me. not now. plus i'm not that into him, its definately goin 2 end with a break up and i dont want 2 ruin our friendship

Okay, good luck with the friendship!

it take it that u dont agree very much with my decision

I do. I understand that you don't want to be more than friends with him. You never know, this might actually bring you two closer together : ), but it might also cost you his friendship all together.

hmmmm, i guess i'll just hav 2 take my chances on it

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hmm... There is not a whole lot of information to go off of here... If you decide to keep around him and he moves on to another person, do you think you can take it? Perhaps that is the only real dilemma...

i can take it. if he moves on i definately will. i just dont know how to make him move on. cos i reali dont want to date him

Hmm I don't think I could tell you what you need to do, because only you can truly know. He should have some say in your decision, so he is not in the dark.

Thats all I got...

alright. tanks