Banishing Ritual

As with all ritual, the psychodrama and 'magical items' amplify things, but are just tools. The simplest and most effective ritual for banishing is this: laughter.

Laughter banishes fear, sadness and hate. It's infectious. It banishes from the mundane to the supernatural. From bad emotions to bad spirits.
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She's a witch!<br />
Burn her, burn her.<br />
Just kidding.<br />

That's so ******* cute! :)

I must admit, it's from one of the cartoons my kids were watching... : )

Monty python?

it was from a jimmy neutron episode

Ahhh, plagiarism. Fun! (Just don't get caught. :D)

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Works perfectly! Simple, yet effective, and who doesn't love to laugh?

Communists? ^_^

Perhaps, but they may laugh even more than capitalists :P I know that every time I see a Chinese or Russian tourist they're usually smiling brightly and asking people to take their picture in front of the nearest attraction.

i love this , it is absolutely true.