Just Lil Ol' Me

1) I can make candles that look like drinks (beer, margarita, etc)
2) I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue
3) My middle name is Simón
4) I have a prosthetic eye and 50% hearing loss due to birth defects
5) I've been to over half the states in America, coast to coast and border to border
6) My best friend and I once drove to St. Louis, Missouri  from Midway, Arkansas because we were bored and he knew of a good BBQ restaurant there
7) My philosophy of life is a constant work in progress
8) I get along with women far better than I do with men
9) I rarely complete projects
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9 Responses Sep 14, 2011

Hmmmmmm still stuck on #2 ;)

LOL! I bet you are ;-)

Oh the things that could be usful for ;)

Oh and the fact I think you need more BBQ very soon

Well, it was good BBQ to be sure! I wonder if it's even still there...was near the Union Station Mall there...don't recall the name. And yes, my tongue comes in handy...especially for getting BBQ sauce off my face :-D lol

Right that was just what I was thinking ;) you could use that tongue for, IDK there are many good bbq places here and have not been up to Union Station in few years.

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Well I coulda, but it woulda been a lil cold by the time we drove 20 hours back the other direction for ya...and besides, you woulda been like 12 at the time :-D LOL

#6.. wtf dude, you couldn't bring me some bbq? sheesh, and I thought we was fwends lol<br />
<br />
#8.. duh! lol

It's actually fairly easy to make a regular pillar candle...just need a pan to melt the wax, the wax, a wick and a mold. For about $50 US you can make a dozen candles, give or take depending on the mold used, and after that it's just the cost of the wax and wicks.

Wow.I could really do with some candles.There used to be 4 or 5 shops here that sold candles and now there is one.Most places have horrible scented designer candles at $20 a pop.

Thanks, CeyWat! I wish I had taken pictures of the candles to post here...maybe I'll break out the box of supplies and make some more for the purpose :-)

Wax on, wax off...one of the two anyway :-D LOL<br />
<br />
It was a place called Adam's Ribs somewhere near the Union Station Mall. At that point it was the best I'd had. I've since had better, but it's still somewhere in the top 20 :-)

Interesting list, Ford! Now are the drink-candles handsome enough that you'll *wax* poetic over them?<br />
<br />
Oh, and can I ask what BBQ place drew you on such a drive? (I'm a former St. Lousian)

#6: It was worth it...some really good BBQ there :-D LOL<br />
#4 Meh, Life happens ;-)<br />
#2 :-D hehe