10 Things About Poppyjoy

1. I have a large family- me mother and father, my 3 brothers , and my 4 sisters. We all have matching names! We all have a botanical name for our first names and a virtuous name for our middle. My brothers are Bracken True, Linden Prosper, and Alder Noble. My sisters are Daisy Bliss, Pansy Honor, Lily Faith, and Rosy Hope. I'm Poppy Joy

2. I lived in a wagon (not a caravan, a wagon!) until I was about 7.

3. I have 2 brothers who died. Ash Valor died at 3 from pneumonia, and Jarrah Justice, my oldest, from suicide.

4. I'm going to turn 17 tomorrow!

5. I want my last meal to be a ploughmans lunch with extra brown sauce.

6. We have 3 orange cats, Rocky, JoJo, and Laurent. JoJo is my cat and will coome with me whenever I move out. We also have 2 dogs, Bluebell, a bulldog (she's also going to come with me) and Coco, a wheaton terrier/schnauzer mix.

7. My brother, Bracken, is a horse trader, and my favorite horse is a Belgian, Sherbet Fountain.

8. I love doing hair, makeup, and nail art.

9. I love matching my body jewelry to my outfit. Today I'm wearing purple and zebra print, so I have a purple crystal nose ring, a purple zebra tongue ring, and a dangly purple belly ring.

10. I believe in true love, and I want lots of babies :)
poppyjoy poppyjoy
22-25, F
Apr 3, 2012