Ten Things About Stephie

1. I have cerebral palsy
2. I am anorexic
3. I am a triplet
4. I am severely shy
5. I am obsessed with horses
6. I have bladder problems
7. I am socially awkward
8. I teach piano
9. I suck my thumb
10. I have panic attacks and really irrational fears and fits of rage
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Hey Princess!, ..You forgot #11 AMAZING heart!! €:']...<3

stephie, we do...glad we have become friends...look forward to getting to know u more..

I have a long history of an eating disorder too..both anorexia and bulimia...mostly anorexic stuff now...I also have a history of panic attacks and suffer from them from time to time.

You sound lovely Stephie. :) Even the "negative" things about you are just reasons to feel more paternal and nurturing towards you. I'm not surprised you still live with your parents, they must never wanna let you go. I wouldn't. :)