Ten Things About Stephie

1. I have cerebral palsy
2. I am anorexic
3. I am a triplet
4. I am severely shy
5. I am obsessed with horses
6. I have bladder problems
7. I am socially awkward
8. I teach piano
9. I suck my thumb
10. I have panic attacks and really irrational fears and fits of rage
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3 Responses Apr 28, 2012

Hey Princess!, ..You forgot #11 ...an AMAZING heart!! €:']...<3

stephie, we do...glad we have become friends...look forward to getting to know u more..

I have a long history of an eating disorder too..both anorexia and bulimia...mostly anorexic stuff now...I also have a history of panic attacks and suffer from them from time to time.