My Ten

 1.     I put shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and Fritos on my chili
2.     I think the tv show “Seinfeld” is the UNFUNNIEST show ever
3.     I think Ultimate Fighting is the dumbest thing ever
4.     I love watching animal documentaries
5.     I’ve never been on a plane
6.     I always have to have pickles on my cheeseburgers
7.     I prefer hardshell tacos over softshell tacos
8.     I’ve never tasted guacamole
9.     I like flat ginger ale
10. I own three pairs of shoes
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

#2 #4 #6 #7 I totally agree and #3 I only like it when they bleed. lol. I know it's bad but I love a good fight. #1 I only like lettuce in a hearty salad. #5 I have been on a plane #7 I only drink Mtn Dew # 10 I have about 60 pairs of shoes. Not counting boots.

Watching UFC ... must be the Mt Dew talking lol ;)

Watching UFC ... must be the Mt Dew talking lol ;)

Maybe. I get all kinds of excited. I jump up and yell at the tv. Screaming like they can hear me. I have even been known to throw a bit fit if my guy looses. lol

big not bit. *smh*

LOL!!! I guess with fans like you UFC will never go away ;)

oh ya. I tried watching boxing. It is great if they actually try to get going. But I find it's almost like watching chess. All about getting that 1 move in. I want to see them sweat, bleed, and fight like heck to get away from the other guy.

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I think Ultimate Fighting is the dumbest thing ever. <br />
I feel the same way. How is it a sport?

Gotta agree with you :)

OK. Buy an avacado ripe enough that you can make a finger print in it. Cut in half take skin off an remove pit. Smoosh it up with a potatoe masher or fork add few drops olive oil salt pepper onions and tomatoes some chopped garlic and you are good to go. And take a zanax from your doctor right before you board the plane. I always hate flying but have had to so that's what I did. 2 hrs to florida 5 hrs to california. I hate it and I bring a book and music. But zanax is better and I never take medication but I do when I fly.

Will keep all that in mind, thanks :)

Guacamole is the best! Try it. And maybe someday you will hop on a plane if you want to travel somewhere far enough away. Who knows.

I've looked for jarred Guacamole but not even sure they sell it. I guess I could always try the from scratch thing. A plane might be a different matter as right now I do have that irrational fear of flying :)