Ten Things

1 - (I am told) I first picked up a book at around nine months old. My mum had gone to the toilet for a second and when she came back I was surrounded by a pile of books, flipping happily through the pages. Up until now I have not been able to stop my addiction to books and literature in general and I plan on writing a book one day.

2 - The month of September is my favourite month of the year; I always feel like great things could start in September, like it is the month for a fresh start and new beginnings. I also like how the temperature gradually starts getting cooler and at the same time it can still be warm and sunny outside.

3 - Two of my greatest dreams right now are becoming a journalist and travelling as much as I can

4 - I would love to live in London

5 - When I was four my family moved over 10 000 kilometres all the way to Spain.

6 - I am in the process of moving to Barcelona

7 - I speak two and a half languages ( my french is more of a grumbling to be labelled as speech)

8 - I am very impatient and always feel the need to drive over cars that are holding me up even if I'm not in a rush to get anywhere

9 - Nevertheless, I can also be the most patient teacher to small children, as I got to find out whilst I helped out in primary during highschool.

10 - One of the things that annoy me the most are people that never finish their sentences. They always start but end up trailing off mid sentence, leaving me thinking ' WHAT THE F***************************CK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!'

Anyhow, bit too intense at the end maybe? :P
intothecrossfire intothecrossfire
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012