Hm..... What 10 Things To Share...?

10. When I was 13, I lost someone very close to me.. It started a downhill slide in my ilfe..
9. When I was 15, I thought I met the man of my dreams, but he turned out to be sadistically abusive.
8. When I was 18, I finally got the nerve to leave the sadistically abusive man.. 2 miscarriages and a lot of emotional baggage in.
7. That same year, I moved into my own house, and took my 16 year old sister with me.
5. When I was 19, I met someone new. He was quiet, and shy.. And frankly crazy.
4. When I was 21, after almost 3 years of being in a relationship with a man who wouldn't touch me, I walked away again.
3. That same year I met a wonderful man who loved me like I had or have never been loved before.
2. Although I am in love with him, I am still, the other woman to him.
1. I don't know who I am anymore...
simplencountry simplencountry
22-25, F
Sep 5, 2012