Things You May Or May Not Know

My heart's too big for it's own good....swells and shatters quite regularly :(

I'm very sexual....what can I say, for the right guy, I'm a horny girl *shrug*

I'm a passionate person and crave passion in my consumes me.

A miracle happened to me when I was a child....I never talk about it because it makes me sound delusional.

I had an abortion when I was 15....for many years I feared God would punish me by never giving me children.

I could possibly be the world's worst singer....yet that doesn't stop me from being a pop star when no one is listening *lol*

During family camping trips when I was a kid, I would make artificial poop out of the clay mud and put piles of it along the walking was so life-like my grandma swore she smelled it! *hahaha*

My baby sister and I once watched over 3hours of you tube videos of zit was one of those things you didn't want to see but couldn't pull your eyes away, we were both laughing and gagging at the same time.

I have a strange sense of humor....if you didn't already grasp that from #'s 7-8. *smile*

I often feel like a child inside and adult's body with adult responsibilities....beginning to wonder if it'll always be this way.

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7 Responses Sep 6, 2012

God damn your the finest example of a perfect woman's the fake poo that makes me so desirable isn't it? haha *wink*

Like your sense of humor very much! it from my dad :) lol

creative poop making lol... I thought it was just me that used to do that kind of thing. I think my parents were forever in denial :o)

LOL....too funny...what was your medium of choice? haha ;)

Mud and clay are winners, also loved the tricks you could get from joke shops like washing up liquid sweets and spilt bottles of nail polish strategically placed on top of the piano :o)

did you ever have children--sounds like you have nice memories of your family. I enjoyed your story. Being childlike is wonderful. it gets a bad rap but I think it rocks.

I have two...and love being childish with them :)

I knew of the first three, absolutely loved the rest of them :)

thanks sweetie :) xo

You're too much! that good or bad? ;)

I would love to know about the miracle as well. My sister is a living miracle. She should have died twice. I have heard the voice of God. I don't tell people about it for the same reason - no one believes me and they look at me like I'm crazy.

thanks for sharing...and that crazy look is why I don't normally some people always try to explain miracles away as something else...

Yes they do. But YOU know better and that's all that matters. :)