This Should Be Implemented On First Dates... Seriously.

1. I'm an Aspie
2. I'm an urban fantasy writer
3. I have a cat named after one of the X-Men
4. I run my own business
5. I try to support the LGBT community, but where I live... they all kinda suck
6. I've defended myself with a handgun
7. I love the Green Bay Packers
8. I've shattered both of my legs
9. I'm a songwriter
10. I've completely converted to Apple products.
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What is polysexual and who is Elliott Smith?

Elliott Smith was a great songwriter of the late 90's early 2000's who was murdered by his girlfriend in 2003.

And polysexual means... I forget. It's all very technical.

What did he do for his girl friend to kill him or was she just off her meds? And polysexual sounds complicated. Is it like having sex with a hermaphrodite or something?

He was bipolar and she was probably not that sane either. They fought a lot. She stabbed him to death and they ruled it a suicide.

And polysexual is sex with multiple partners, but not just whoring. If done right, I guess it's more organized and safer. More approval among mutual partners, etc..

10 andr anal :)

That doesn't make sense.