Ten Facts About Me :)

1. I have two little sisters who mean the absolute world to me, they inspire me , as they were born 3 months premature, they have helped me realize what i want for my future.

2. I have LOADS of family in Australia and want to move there some day... seriously if you haven't been there , you need to save and go... it's the most amazing place one earth.
3. I'm really bad at accepting compliments.

4. I go to university in wales ... funnily enough although i live in the valleys i have only seen about three sheep in the past year... and it's barely rained... huge disappointment haha.

5.I have licked chocolate off my best friends boob...we have shared way too much to be just normal friends ha

6.My laugh is never quite the same every time i laugh.... it's slightly retarded, but that's me down to a T

7.I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome when i was 17... kinda sucks really :(

8. I was bullied when i was younger, because i had glasses... thank god for contact lenses haha.

9.I loveeee fancy dress events... most recent was Hooters... was great fun, never realized how much free entry to clubs and free drinks i could get haha.

10. I have a fear or roar tomatoes haha... very strange i know , but the thought of them makes me shiver
Wajpuff Wajpuff
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012