Ten Things About Me

1) I am the worlds best haggler, I use the gift of the gab to sweet talk whoever I can to get what I want for the least amount of money or effort possible.

2) I love to cook, eat and feed people and I love holding dinner parties. I also love to bake and make preserves which I often give as gifts to people for birthdays and Christmas.

3) I love to tease people and play practical jokes, unsuspecting victims are the most amount of fun and I think everyone who knows me is now wary of "what's she gonna do next". It's all in good fun though.

4) I am sensual and hedonistic. I love red wine, chocolate, perfume, fabrics that have a nice feel to them and anything that looks pretty and sparkly.

5) I really like unusual jewellery, especially silver and semi precious stones like green adventurine and amber... craft fairs are my nemesis, plenty of opportunity to haggle and my poor husband usually comes away very poor :o)

6) I don't really think I've grown up, I look like a sophisticated and well dressed lady but inside there is really a scared little girl who wants to avoid all responsibility, have fun and play with toys all day. My kids are in competition with me :o)

7) I have an obsession with churches and grave yards, I cannot walk past without going in to one to absorb the peace and spirituality and read some of the gravestones. I like to think about who the people were and what their lives were like.

8) I love taking photographs, few people have managed to escape my lense. The pictures are displayed on every possible surface, making my home a shrine to memories, emotions and the people who have meaning in our lives.

9) I love music, I have a huge CD collection and very eclectic taste. I also play the piano. I can read music but I mostly play by ear. I am a perfectionist and I practice pieces that I especially like, over and over until I can play fluently. My favourite piece at the moment is Micheal Nyman's 'The heart asks pleasure first'. If I am angry or upset you will find me playing my heart out on my piano. 

10) My nails are my pride and joy, I take really good care of them and they are long and strong. I love to paint my finger and toe nails and I collect nail polishes. At the moment I have about 40 different colours. I am indecisive so often, I will be unable to choose a colour and I will paint each nail a different colour.
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Hi Roberta!
Being a music teacher, pianist and prof musician - I would love to have long nails, but they click and get caught between the keys and break!
So mine are relatively short.
Hope your day is wonderful
Jack's Jill

Yes I guess that's an occupational hazard! You must really love music to devote so much of your life to it :o)

That's all I ever wanted to do since the age of 6, when I discovered my neighbors piano in their garage! Lucky to be able to do what I love the most and live from it too!

yes it's great that you discovered what really makes you happ at such a young age, many adults are still trying to work that out :o)

These are great, Roberta. <br />
<br />
# 1 - I am a terrible haggler as I always feel bad for the person selling (I know.... I know)<br />
<br />
#2 - home made and baked gifts are the best... it shows thought and care went into it.<br />
<br />
#3 - Yessss, I love this! I've set up detailed scenarios to get co-workers in different countries, and I've managed to get some of them GOOD with the help of friends ;-). Plus, I have my hands full here :-D<br />
<br />
#5 - I love this type of jewelry...whenever I travel I always find a market or out of the way store to peruse. (You have an excellent public market in London - I forget the name - but boy did I dig in there and support the local economy!)<br />
<br />
Red wine, chocolate, photos, music... all good...nice list!

I ought to have a good think and write some stories about some of the crazy stunts I've pulled over the years with the help of colleagues. I think the funniest was when I worked in a nursing home for the elderly that was build on the site of where a pit disaster had happened a hundred or so years previously. I got one of my colleagues to hide whilst we told another girl that we were short staffed and had to work alone. I spun the story that the nursing home was haunted by the ghosts of the unfortunate pit disaster victims and how "strange things often happened on the anniversary of this disaster which just so happens to be tonight", the poor woman was terrified, the hidden colleague was slipping out unseen and setting buzzers in empty rooms off and the lifts miraculously went up and down by themselves, oh we had so much fun until we eventually owned up to the prank lol :o)

That is great!!!

I work in a medical office. One of the Dr.s went on vacation for over a week. While he was out we went to the thrift store and bought a ton of gift wrap. We wrapped up his entire office individually (the phone, the receiver, the mouse, the keyboard, the chair, everything) We also replaced the hand sanitizer with one that malfunctioned. It had an auto sensor to be "hands free". When you placed your hand under it, the dispenser would release the sanitizer 4 times instead of 1 time. He laughed at the gift wrap. He didn't know we did the dispenser, he thought it was broken or something. The next dr who went on vacation came back to find water balloons filled with air in all his drawers and cupboards in his office. He didn't appreciate them. He didn't say anything when he heard I did it. (cause I'm his favorite assistant)

Hahah... haha... these are great! I LOVE getting coworkers...my line of work is really serious so I love getting them when they least expect it... plus, it's easy to get someone to distract them, etc., for a moment. Ohh I must say... the haunted joke taps into the primal psyche.. any time you burrow into that, it's a job well done! ;-P Here is a funny one (and it was easy!) that looks like the girl from The Ring. (prank starts a .30) http://tinyurl.com/8r9u384

Omg that was so funny and that little girl was awesome lmao!!!! :o)

@sendit - I'm not sure who you are referring to but I must say these ladies did a GOOD job and I agree! ;-)

probably all of us, imagine the fun we would have it we all got together... probably a good thing we live in different countries :o)

lol...lol... so true... so true.... our poor victims! ;-P

Yeah it is probably good for others that we aren't closer together ha ha ha!

I am laughing out loud (evily...)

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I love all the desc<x>ription with each item. I also like to play practical jokes and many have been my target. All in good fun of course. And I have received a swat on the butt or two for a few jokes my Husband kinda ended up in :-) (he he he) <br />
I also like the graveyard one too. <br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing such wonderful information on such a wonderful person :)

lol, you're welcome, we are sisters of the swatted butt in response for telling jokes then :o)

I still laugh at one of the jokes...We have a water sprayer in the kitchen sink next to the faucet.... It was April Fools Day and well... I kinda wrapped a rubber band around the sprayer so when you turn the water on it sprayed out automatically... Welllll Husband turned on the kitchen water and got sprayed a LOT ... He stood there in shock for about 20-30 seconds then finally turned the water off after... Needless to say he was not happy and it didn't help the whole house was laughing a LOT. I got a good few swats for that... but He did laugh about it later and asked how I did it... and I still laugh about the joke and smile about the swat. (it was deserved LOL)

Lol, I'm not that technical minded so I'm not sure I'd be able to pull anything like that off but I bet it was funny :o)