10 Things Bout Me

*1 I love the feeling of love/goodness ,it mkes the world great ,lthough this led me to think in different wy than those around me ,and that causes a massive issues .
*2 never been in love, yeah ,25 and never felt or approashed to know it.
*3 I love sience ,scince is a way to describe the world / universe and our reality we live in, thats why it is an amazing tool ,I think we can do more progress if we think science is the mind of god.
*4 I have a very strange way for helping people , I try to be nice to them ,I believe it is a good thing to help those in need ,I have "crushes" or call it whatever when I see  person in need.
*5 I don't like this feeling of being lonely ,I love to have someone taking care of me ,and make me the best person .
*6 I hate betrayal ,lies, cheating, whenever I put my trust in someone ,I never suspect his/her actions.
*7 I live bymeslf now ,I have a good job , another private work, I love my family and wish if they understand me.
*8 I wish if I am more understanding people , I keep losing them (their friendship) ,and I am always hurt because of it.
*9 I live by the motto "Live and let live".
*10 I hate when you are not talking like adults and keep your nose in my way of thought>
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22-25, M
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that describes me , congrats :)