About Me!

1) I don't have good self confidence, at all. i can never seem to feel beautiful.Like Really beautiful, the type of beauty that radiates.

2) I love animals, i have a HUGE soft part of my heart dedicated to them.

3) I have chronic headaches and back pain. I know i'm young, but yeah...i have that to cope with.

4) I want to become a nurse and work my way up to being a doctor.

5) The closest friend i had in the world died a little less than 2 weeks ago. My cat, Icsis. I loved her with all my heart. She was so empathetic and was there whenever i needed her.

6) I used to do drugs, and i quit cold turkey.

7) I am scottish.

8) music is my escape. playing the guitar and singing is my hobby.

9) I am obsessed with aquariums! we have two and they're so much fun!

10) I love to argue and debate. I have a very passionate and argumentative side.
McSnuggles95 McSnuggles95
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012