10 Dirty Secrets About Me That I Would Never Tell Anyone But Ep!

1. I have had sex with 19 guys.
2. I smoke.
3. I **********.
4. I'm still flirting with guys although I'm married.
5. My bestfriend *********** me and I kissed her lips and sucked her nipples when we were staying in hotel for a two week course but it only happen once.
6. My bestfriend and I,both married, checked in with our scandals and staying in room next to each other.
7. I get horny watching **** about ************ and lesbian.
8. I ********** with pen and eyeliner pencil.
9. I love spending nights with handsome guys.
10. I'm still finding one person I can love unconditionally.
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26-30, F
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What a dirty little secret indeed. :)