My 10 Facts If Anyone Cares To Read Them ^.^

1. I hope to be a famous singer of actress some day.
2. I love doing woodworking. I am in fact in stage crew at my high school. TOP THEATER IN ILLINOIS WOOT WOOT!
3. I am turning 18 in about 5-6 months. Something along those lines.
4. I am a MAJOR Whovian.
5. My celebrity crush is Matt Smith and David Tennant. 10 and 11 Doctor :P.
6. Once I graduate this year, I am going to L.A. with my best friend Kayla.
7. Music has been my life since I was 3.
8. If I am not singing, you will find me on computer writing (Songs, poems, books, scripts, music videos, ext.).
9. I can not remember my dad at all. He left when I was very young.
10. I have 1 older brother who has his own company which I "Help" on sometimes.
ChristinaH123 ChristinaH123
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012