10 Facts Abt Me

1) I am 100% Filipino raised in Philippines & now living in USA for almost 6 yrs.
2) i am currently in the process of moving on from my ex who broke up w/ me a month ago.. or repress the memories we cherished at least
3) i try to make myself busy by working practically everyday
4) i need to review for the test tom xD
5) have to find $$$ to pay for my college expenses & help my parents finance our basic needs in our household
6) my least fav #. Believed to be a demonic symbol.
7) rhymes w/ heaven therefore my fav #.
8) i personally don't think i look "sexy" but boys think otherwise. Y is it So harder 4 me to find Real friends than a boyfriend? I rele want to believe that i can be best friends w/ a boy who is also Straight.
9) i long for adventures.. i love to explore new places & travel. Have the biggest urge to learn archery be this badass!
10) my b-day is in a month.. Oct 10. I wonder if this yr wud different.. or better at least.
Aloha135 Aloha135
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012