In The Future These Are The Ten Things You Hear About Me On The News.

1. People tell me ever day that they look forward to the day my ideas become a reality.
2. I am a proud father.
3. I am an atheist.
4. I believe I hold in my hands the power to change the world.
5. I think eating meat, animal products, and dairy are bad.
6. I have recognized that the American national pass time is now eating. There are KFC's and
Taco Bell's in the same building. Gluttony?
7. I am a sexual deviant and proud of my lifestyle.
8. I'd like to be remembered as an example of how to stand up and be counted.
9. I have faith in the scientific method.
10. What box?
gravityex gravityex
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012