Ten Things You Never Knew About Me !


1 Im an ALPHA Male
2  Im a   BETA Scientist
3  Im a   GAMMA Cook
4  Im a   DELTA Athlete (now !)
5  Im an ETA of anything edible
6  Im a   THETA Goer  I love all types of play !
7  Im an IOTA nearer to paradise
8  Im a   KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA (KKI) admirer
9  Im a   LAMDA Graduate (all singing & all dancing)
10 Im a  MU which is a headless EMU

If you want to know more send me a message thru EP

Your esteemed friend White Spirit  LOL  ;o) 
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8 Responses Sep 21, 2012

thumbs up

I like it a lot! I think that you are very nice!

Love your Greeky-ness! lol on the Mu!:D

you are a "funny man".....lol

Hi WS! Yes, I'd love to know more. Your friend, VitaBeata.

You were and are georgeous. I laughed at some statements you made. The Emu thing cracked me up. Hugs to you. You have a wonderful sense of humor and it would seem your heart is as good as the WHITESPIRIT.

Hahahah Awesome! Very impressive!

The way you used the Greek alphabet to say this is unique.