Ten Things About Me

1. I'm am overly joyful one minute - the next severely depressed. I switch moves faster than The Flash

2. I love HARD. If I care about u, your doomed forever (:

3. I'm easily offended. Mostly because of my BPD and the bullying I went through as a kid

4. I don't feel as beautiful as I say I do. Some days ill feel blessed/ others I feel ..blah...

5. I believe in aliens and paranormal things, such as ghost, spirits...sometimes it freaks me out where I can't be in the house or a certain area of my job by myself :-/

6. I get drunk and do stupid ****. Hurt feelings, burn bridges, etc. I say I don't care, but I really do.

7. I love to cook. I like to try new recipes when I'm not in one of my depressive states.

8. Aiyana is more precious to me than anyone thinks. N I get overly irritated and defensive when it comes to someone questioning my love for her. So just don't do it, I will come for your head

9. Blogging how I feel on different sites are a way I release stress or feelings I have bottled up. If I get annoying to u, block me, unfollow me, unfriend me WHATEVER - that is one thin I will NEVER apologize for. I will always say what I feel when I feel it and how I want to say it! If u feel I'm childish or immature then **** U (: and dont deal with me. I honestly do not care, cuz if I felt that way towards u, I would do the same.

10. I am loyal to the ones I feel will never let me down. If I feel u r truly my friend I will ride for u til the end. If not- you WILL get cut off. No matter how much it hurts me, or how bad I want to talk to u. I believe time heals EVERYTHING and if u were meant to be in my life, you'll come back around after we have enough time to figure everything out- if not- I did both of us a favor by releasing u (:

This is me.....
BorderlineMind BorderlineMind
22-25, F
Dec 4, 2012