1) I used to have a huge personality..... charm, wit, humor. Now I have less personality but significantly more honor.

2) 20 years ago or so, I lived in my car. My life was broken for awhile.

3) I read Fifty Shades in one day. Not that I thought it was all that great of a book. That is just a common example of my typical reading speed.

4). I am not superstitious but I do make a cross on my windshield when a cat crosses the road in front of me. Just cause.

5). I believe Sons of Anarchy is as much of a soap opera as One Life to Live. The people who "fan" it scare me as much as Trekkies or Twilight people.

6). I believe if I had been given a different name I would be a different person. I can't explain why though.

7). I have been through roughly 40 of the 50 states. Lived in Montana, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Nevada.

8). Betrayal has been as big an influence within my life as anything else.

9). I love what I do for work. I am a remodeling contactor.

10). I still want to be swept away.
alphadave alphadave
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Little darling......
There was a time, long long ago,
I would have " made you mine",
Taken from you all that I wanted
Leaving you wishing you had more......

"Just saying"....