10 Things About Me

1- I am 16 years old

2- My name is Christian, but you can call me Chris

3- love to text, swim, play tennis, be myself

4- I don't like people who think are all that

5- If you want to get to know me, go ahead

6- I care a lot about my friends and family

7-I am hispanic but I don't speak Spanish :p

8- I love scary movies

9-I love meeting new people

10- I am me
Bluedreamteam Bluedreamteam
18-21, M
6 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Great list, you really seem to know yourself, congrats

Haha #7 is me! :)

I like who u are. you seem like a cool person.... P.S. i like scary movies, i like being myself, I also care about my friends and family, and i enjoy meeting people too, lol :)

Very nice, we have a couple things in common so I guess that's good.

We has ssome stuff in common, some others, not so much... Lol.... So umm... Nothin else... Bye xD

u rock bro!