1. My name is Maria. I go by Ria online, because I want to feel special.

2. I hate spiders. With a passion. There's a difference between fear and hatred. I hold a fury for all arachnids deeply rooted within my soul. They must die.

3. I can't write poetry. Just can't. I've tried because I want to be one of those cool girls who wear scarves and big glasses and can write a poem about a worm and make it beautiful, somehow.

4. I'm extremely clumsy. My legs are constantly black and blue because of stupid coffee tables.

5. I swear too much. Swearing DEFINITELY doesn't make me sound mod intelligent, but when I'm afraid or embarrassed I automatically say 'f~ck it' and all of my inhibitions dissipate. I'm trying to stop but I don't think the habit will ever go away. I just wanna be a classy broad.

6. My grammar used to be- and kind of still is- terrible. I used to change tenses like ~insert simile here~ and vague pronouns were my invisible enemy.

7. I can never see anything through to the end. I have yet to finish a puzzle with more than 50 pieces.

8. I'm a master of those 'search and find' word puzzles. If they have contests for those, hit me up.

9. I like anime of all kinds.

10. I'm an otaku and I like yaoi. Cute yaoi, not p~rn yaoi.
QueenOfLosers QueenOfLosers
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014