1. I'm about to be a senior in high school
2. I play softball and field hockey
3. My favorite color is blue
4. My junior year I was formal princess at the dance
5. I love superheroes especially batman
6. I have an obsession with daisies
7. Starbucks is a must
8. I love watching movies; how most of my day is spent
9. I don't usually act my age
10. Just went through a recent breakup
jordynnjanelle jordynnjanelle
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

inbox me pleasee

How good a field hockey player are you?

Im alright. I've only been playing for 5 years. I'm way better in softball though.

Do you plan to play softball in college?

I'm still in high school

Yeah, I know. Do you wanna be on a college softball team when you graduate?

Umm. I'd rather focus more on academics. But I will prob continue to play as a club team

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