1) After searching myself for a year and quiting Law school, I've finally found myself in journalism and I'm starting school this October.
2) The two most important male figures in my life are my boyfriend and my dad.
3) I'm a daddy's girl :)
4) I have a weird thing with season change and my hair. I'm a natural brunette, but as soon as summer comes I have to dye it lighter, and then when fall comes, I become a brunette again.
5) I'm really creative and I'm always searching a way to express myself in some way.
6) I'm shopaholic, but not like the other girls who say they are, I REALLY AM.
7) The place which I always like going back to is Vienna.
8) I have a birthmark on the same place where Marilyn Monroe did.
9) I truly believe that travel is the only thing you spend money on and it makes you richer.
10) I'm a coke addict and makeup junkie.
nikalu nikalu
22-25, F
Sep 2, 2014