Brutal Life Lessons

~Everybody in your life is going to hurt you.  The only difference between all of them is that some of them are worth the pain, and others aren't.  It's just a matter of who is and who isn't.

~There is no such thing as a little white lie.
Have you ever noticed that every time you tell a little white lie you later have to tell another lie to cover up for that one and then another lie to cover up both of those two lies?  It gets so confusing after a while.  All it takes is one little mess up on your part...and all your lies are discovered.  One little lie always leads to more lies, which makes that little lie not so little anymore but a huge problem after a while.

~If you don't want to get hurt or feel betrayed by anyone, then you can only count on yourself and only yourself.

~You shouldn't be wishing and praying for true love because there's no such thing as true love.  There is just love and that's it.  And you're lucky to have simply just love.  A lot of people don't even have that.

~Nothing lasts forever.  Nothing at all. 

~We've all heard this phrase:  It's the inside that matters, not the outside.  Now, let's all be honest with ourselves, but do most of us really follow through with that belief?  Or are we really just telling ourselves that because it seems like it's the right thing to believe?  If you're a girl, think to yourself:  Say there's a really unattractive guy next to you.  If he's really that awful, chances are you probably won't be able to look at him without being repulsed.  Now, say he starts to chat with you and seems really friendly and sweet and then asks you on a date shortly after, honestly, would you say yes or would you lie in say you have a boyfriend, even if you're single?  Chances are you probably will because it's rare when somebody will be honest with themselves and still be able to say that they would date a seriously unattractive guy.  Same for guys with an unattractive girl.  We all have to face that whether we want them to or not, looks really do matter.  They shouldn't, but hey, this world is not perfect.  Things that shouldn't matter often matter more than the really important things that do matter.

~It's not worth it to take things for granted.  As long as you have a roof over your head, food to eat and clothes to wear then you really shouldn't complain much and you really shouldn't sweat the small stuff because there are people out there who don't have half of what you have, even if you don't have a lot yourself.

~Being strong is not a matter of being able to be strong or not.  It's a matter if needing to because you basically have no choice.  Life is harsh.  No matter how unable you are to be strong, you have no choice here at all.

~When you are not yourself around people, you tend to become even more disliked because people could tell when you're being a fake or not.  It's just our instinct.

~Watch the things you say to someone.  Words can either save or kill.  If it's not something you want in your conscience later, don't say it.

~You know those friends that are harsh and brutally honest with you even if it kills you inside?  You know, the kind that if you're doing something stupid, they are not afraid to be blunt with you and tell you straight out that what you're doing is stupid and give you a harsh lecture about it?  Hold on to those friends the tightest because those are the friends that care about you the most and are the most valuable friends you can get, whether you believe it or not.

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Good lessons..... Very cool