Addicted To Music On Another Level

I'm so addicted to music it ain't even funny. I'm brutally addicted to instrumentals. I think that when one has discovered the Art of making beats they develop a real sense for audiophile culture. I frequent record stores for records older than my parents. I listen to music much more for disassembling it in my mind and trying to figure out what samples are used. What keyboard was used to get that bassline? How many clicks were in that flare...was it a 2 click or a 1-2 variation? How did Trent meet Richard D James?  Did Sun Ra inspire P-Funk or is George Clinton ego trippin? I have literally over a ton of records figuratively and in weight. Music is the only love of my life right now. I make it my job to find new music. Looking for new musicians is just as important to me as making my own music. Without other musicians I would not be able to go on...I'm inspired every single day by music. Not a single day goes by that I'm not listening to another artist.
DrSampIe DrSampIe
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