We Are Pilots By Shiny Toy Guns

Basically, I love this song so much. As you can tell, my username is named after this song.

It's basically about a lesbian coming out to her parents and her feelings towards their reactions. Very very good.

I'm only going to give the lyrics to the chorus of the song, but I really suggest you go look it up, because her voice is beautiful. :)


"Hello mother,
Some news for you,
I'm really not that crazy.
Hello father, I'm curious
Why you think there's something wrong with me.

Sunday I cried all night,
and it hurt so bad.
But if you try to understand,
this is who I am."
WeArePilots WeArePilots
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 25, 2012

She has a lovely voice. :)

i love this song too now.

I love getting you into my music :P haha <3