Lana Del Rey - Million Dollar Man

You may or may not of heard of Lana Del Rey. Either way, I would strongly suggest checking out her song 'Million Dollar Man', the raw emotion, the notes she's my idea of perfection.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

omg i love herr XD

Well sound nice for a while , then you get tired of her over doped voice at length

You may, but I love it.

I think she picked up the idea of over doped voice while she worked with cocaine addicts , it sounds kind of melancholic which many girls like it . The slow tempo of her songs is sometimes to depressing to listen to.

Haha what? I think perhaps you should do a little more Lizzy Grant research...and no, they can't be 'depressing' because they don't give people depression. (And if they do, someone's sensitive.)