In 20 Years of Dating

I thought this would be interesting to look back on. Please keep in mind, I started dating at age 15 so some the reasons might sound rather immature. I will do my best to put it in chronological order.


It was my first boyfriend and he was two years older. He graduated high school before me and all of a sudden wanted sex. I felt pressured.

He told me he loved me after our first date and acted all goo-goo-ga-ga.

He was skinnier than me.

He tripped on acid while having dinner with my family. I told his mom and dad he had a problem and they didn't believe me.

He moved away to college and I met someone new.

He moved to another state to take a new job.

His mom hated me. (Parents usually LOVED me!)

He was a mooch. No driver's license, no job, no money.

He cheated on me.

He tried to force himself on me at a drive in movie.

He was a show off and bragged too much.

He never wanted to get married.

He mentally and physically abused me.

He didn't like kids and I had a child.

He was too old and we didn't like the same things.

He wouldn't marry me unless I got an annulment and married in the Catholic church.

We had a sexless marriage for years and I found out he was a crossdresser




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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

The list you present is quite a list, why did you stay for all of those years? I know, you thought he would change. Trust me people don't change, what you see is what you got. You are in your prime of life for having fun, sex and just enjoying life, I hope you can move on, but take your time.

lol...not quite a list...but definitly an experience...peace