My Tattoos And Me.

I have 8 tattoos as of now. I'm 22 and many people say 'omg you are so young, dont you worry what they will look like when you are 40???' What they dont see is what they mean to me. They all feel that i'm just another sheep in the heard getting tattooed because others are.I guess if i really cared about what people thought then i wouldnt have gotten 8 tattoos. So here are the stories behind all of them.

I have a dragon on my left calf. It is for protection. Not much of a story there.

i got my mothers name tattooed on my left forearm with a verse from a religious hymn under it in my native tongue. the verse means that nothing in me is mine, everything is yours. It was a tribute for everything she did for me and how i could not be the daughter she would have wanted me to be. I sometimes feel stupid to have gotten her name tattooed because there is no way a tattoo will ever make up for all the crap i did and now that she has passed away i cant mend the pain i gave her.

two latin phrases on my right arm...they are 'they condemn what they dont understand' and 'with wisdom and courage' . i got these to basically vent out my childhood issues. I was always an outcast and nobody ever got me so i had a troubled childhood. It was a bad one though, i enjoyed it just somethings really hurt me. After i got these phrases tattooed i felt at peace with some of my issues.

i have a tattoo that says 'smile'. This is for my very first boyfriend who passed away because he had a tumor in his head. His smile was ...for the alck of words...awesome. His smile lift me up.

i have 'love yourself' tattooed with each word on either wrist. I have this problem where i let people emotionally blackmail me. I really should put myself first at times. Getting this tattoo hasnt helped much though. I got into cutting myself and looking at the cut marks and this tattoo makes me feel really guilty for hurting myself. Some of you might say that i'm hurting myself by getting tattooed too. But when i get tattoos my intention is not hurt myself. When i used to cut myself it was a punishment for letting people walk all over me. I felt so angry with myself. But now when i see this tattoo and i have the urge to cut myself , i ask myself 'are you a hypocrite?' my heart says no and the urge subsides. I sound like a mental case now .

My most beautiful is on the right side of my stomach. i have 5 lotus flowers trailing from a little below my navel to my ribcage. This doesnt have a story behind it. This is one of those vanity tattoo's makes my torso look really great :P . haa haa

that last one is a full back tattoo. It is a combination of angel+butterfly+wasp wings. My first love liked the design and he was also really into tattoos. I got it done for him. Its a shame that now we have broken up and he wont see it anymore. AHHH! the reason for getting the damned wings is defeated. But this tattoo will be a symbol of the love we had for each other and how absolutely stupid i was for him. Good riddance.

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2 Responses May 19, 2012

Wow, 8 tattoos that's cool.
Don't mind what others say in a negative manner about your tattoos.
They are part of who you are. Its just a way of describing who you are.
I also have a tattoo of my mother name.
Its an ambigram with my name on the flip side.

Wonderful exploratative expose Buggy, I really really like what you have here.