The Girl With The Jellyfish Tattoo

On my right shoulder blade I have two Australian Spotted jellies tattooed and they mean so much to me. I was at the zoo late one night when I walked past the jellyfish tanks, i saw this tiny little brown one on the floor desperately trying to get up but it just couldn't. Every few seconds however this one white jellyfish would swim past and give it a little nudge, each time he would get just a little bit higher before falling again. No other jellies were trying to help they just kept on about their busy lives circling the tank. My tattoo reminds me to be the white jellyfish, go out of my way to help someone else.

And yes I am fully aware that I could have read that situation entirely wrong but I don't care, because that is what it meant to me.
AuroraMariah AuroraMariah
Jan 16, 2013