Do You Think Of Me When You Play This Song?

Seabound - Without You

I live on the cracks in your fassade
My nature is deceit
I cheat
And surrounded by snowflakes
I turn up the heat

A beautiful crystal in my eye
Amends my sight
I might look into your face
But I see the sky

Without you - Day is nothing but a waste of light
Without you - I am lost, I vanish in the night
Without you - Life is but a senseless waste of time

Without you - Everything I dream turns black and white

I sit on the steps to your mansard
My fate is disbelief
I grieve
(And) Surrounded by snowflakes
You turn off the heat

I spin in the currents of my life
Love shape white
I don't look into your face
There's no reason why
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 15, 2013