The What Ifs

The intensity of our love, passion, defies all logic. Most who have been together as long as we have been, have abandoned their vows of, until death do us part. Although, it has been a roller coaster ride, I never once regretted boarding the ride. We have grown together, experienced life, shared in so many experiences, but most important we have experienced love and joy.
Our love was tested, by outside forces beyond our control. In an instant everything we worked for in life could have been snatched from our grasp. The universe conspiring against us, with no care of how it would effect you or I. Was it doubting our connection, our bond that exists deep within our souls? We survived the test" What God has joined together let no man put asunder " I believe this is true.

But what if?

Where would we be if they had succeeded?

My heart aches at the thought, my soul shivers. How could anything or anyone seek to defile our existence? For I am here for the sole purpose of being yours, and you mine. There came a time recently that bombarded our lives with the what ifs. What would life be like if one of us had been ripped from our rightful place?

Waking without you latched onto my soul, as your mouth envelops my breast. Loving me, pleasing me, edging me, bringing my body to a euphoric state ,as you have for what seems like eternity, deafens my soul.

You waking to no one in our bed to nurture you, calm your senses, fulfill your needs, touch your heart. Emptiness laying upon my pillow. You re- living the past in your dreams as you cuddle to my pillow, inhaling my scent. This too would fade. No longer to arouse your senses.

What if?

No one to devour my senses, as you do every time you touch me. What a lonely existence.
Memories of staying up all night laughing and talking, would soon fade into the black abyss.

Resurrection has come, they failed. My body, heart and soul, is still yours. I will wake to you sleeping on the pillow next to me. I can continue to watch your features as you sleep. To love you with such intensity that our bodies can not help but entwine at every moment. To breath in your scent. To memorize every centimeter of your features. To love you unfailingly, without doubt. To invade your thoughts throughout everyday of the rest of our lives.

To put the "what ifs" where they belong, thrust into the sea. Never to resurface. I shall not live in "what if, " ever again. My heart could no take the constant reminders and doubt. I shall live in the" what pleases.

I imagine I shall find enough "what pleases" to last us an eternity! Which is exactly how long I wish to savor you for my own.
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I think you define what it is we all look for and most of us never find. How beautiful, to actually be united as end.

Your story truly inspires us to a higher level, please add us as friends

Very Powerful, I have been in that situation, love at its finest, what if come for me, but I will love again.

We broke up.

It was very painful, needing a doctor and meds painful.

No reason in particular.

I have been in an ANR and i wish I had a chance to get to taste of milk.

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