Your Gone!

Your gone for the weekend. My body longs to have you in

bed with me. My nipples stand erect in anticipation of you

joining me here. A slight wetness forms between my legs

as I start to crave your touch. My imagination running wild

as to what tonight would have held for me if you hadn't left.

Gentle kisses down my neck? Taking me in the shower,

hands pressed against the glass as you take me from

behind? Me taking you into my

mouth? Mmmm. I love the taste. Or would you have thrust

yourself inside of me as you wrap our hand around my

neck? I am getting wetter by the minute. Running my

finger tips across my nipples. Oh, it's not enough. Rolling

them between my finger and thumb, pulling and teasing

them. I move to the center of the bed. Your scent lingers

on your pillow. I love the way you smell. Hands now

moving from my nipples, making circles on my stomach.

Tracing down lower to my thighs. Grabbing my inner

thighs. My desire is overwhelming. Fingers touching and

tracing inside my legs from the knees to my wetness. Oh,

baby, I am drenched. I need your touch, but your not here.

My fingers find the place that longs for you. Yes, I need

this! My hips gyrating as if programmed. My legs drop

apart, allowing access to my fingers. I want your tongue

tracing the folds of my lips. Licking, biting, sucking. I love

The feel of your mouth as you devour me. Yes,

that is it, right there. Please don't move, lick me please!

Yes baby yes! The warm fluid soaking my fingers. My

body quivering as the spasms subside! Oh, I hope you will

be here tomorrow also!
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Jan 23, 2013