Trying Something New

As my circle of friends know by now, my breast are one of my most sensitive and sensual areas of my body. My arousal goes off the charts when attention is paid to them. My love life with my husband is amazing but last night he stepped it up a notch for the both of us. Although my encounters with each of my lovers are or never have been too kinky or out there, I did want to share the amazing experience my husband and I shared last night. Some of you may have experienced this before and I have read many stories on the subject but never understood until now what the fascination was! So I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Our night started as usual with the playful teasing and nursing of my breast. His mouth devouring my milk as though it maybe the last time his lips would envelop them. As he massaged and suckled them, my arousal was quite evident as my body released its wetness that soaked me between my thighs! His hands wandering down below to play in the slickness, until I could no longer stand the torment. His mouth on my breast and his fingers teasing between my thighs, sent me over the edge quite quickly. My gentle moans and breath on his neck, as he brought me to this point, had his erection ready for a great ride.
He sat up and removed my panties that I had drenched when I had squirted during the ******. Immediately positioned himself over me, ready to insert his shaft into me. He slowly inserted himself into me, letting me feel every inch that he had to offer me. He pulled it out to the tip then reinsert just as slowly back deep into me. When he does this, he always looks deeps into my eyes, which I love. Love to see the pleasure on his face as he came to his first pleasure point which filled me completely with his warm love. His moan of pleasure set off my body to another terrific ******. The real pleasure with him is knowing that once is never enough for him. He can manage three to four ******* in one encounter, and I too will be just as pleased as he is.
His thrusts continued now a little harder, but not to hard, because of our encounter the night before actually had left me bruised from the pounding he gave me! Omg, that was wonderful also! The next release of pleasure was a little aggravating for me, because he erupted and stopped pumping in the middle of my rise to climax, which means I lost mine. Any other time I would have a hard time getting it back, but he went where he never ventured before!
The more ******* that he climaxes to, always seem to be less intense as the previous. So the first is almost always the hardest and warmest as I feel his erection and the warm fluids released into my body! Huge turn on for me. Love to feel his warm fluids flowing down my thighs, and wet balls slapping against me.
Knowing he was not finished with me,he ran his hand up my stomach, towards my breasts. Then he started pinching and pulling on my nipples as he once again started thrusting himself inside me. I love his **** penetrating me, over and over. But last night one of his hands moved from my breast and continued upwards. Before it found its destination, his erection grew harder, thicker. Actually stretching me. His hand coming to rest on my neck. The stiffness in his **** was torture, as he filled me completely with it, to the point I couldn't handle anymore length or girth. His hand grasped my neck and started to squeeze, almost unsure at first, until my body started responding to everything he was doing. My god, I thought it couldn't get any better than it was feeling at that moment. I was wrong, he grasp around my neck tightened to the point I was sure I would have a mark in the morning. Once his grasp intensed around my neck, the thrusts began to pick up speed and depth, I wanted to scream out in pleasure but couldn't because of his grasp. He has never fu**ed me like that before. At that moment, he said something that sent us both over the point of no return! "You really are a fu**ing ****" There was no return for either of us! The most amazing ****** that either of us have ever experienced together. Afterwards I lay there surges continuing throughout my body, him collapsing at the end of the bed. Neither of us able to catch our breath! Amazing!
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Jan 23, 2013