Share My Breast Milk With Me

My husband and myself are lactation partners. I love the time spent nursing.. It creates a special bond between two people. I have enjoyed this experience with him for about six months now. In the beginning I was trying to enlarge my breast with supplements and stimulation. Not long after, maybe a few weeks, I was already producing milk. Not only does this create a strong bond between two people, but it also stimulates me sexually, where I am basically wet and ready to go, most of the day. Hubby drives me stir crazy! Just the act of latching onto my breast is so damn stimulating. He knows how to do it where I can actually ****** a couple times, without any other physical contact. Drives me insane.
I have found that the most erotic and completely sensual thing that I have experienced with him during nursing, is when I am very aroused, he takes my milk into his mouth and let go of my breast, and let's me drink the breast milk from him.........this is like sexual overload for me. My entire body becomes overwhelmed with this. I will continue kissing, until there is no more taste of the breastmilk.Then I make sure to get any that may have ran on the outside of lips which usually ends up with soft biting of the lips, and taking my tongue and licking any part of the surrounding area that may have gotten even the smallest drop of milk onto it. This is an overload point for him. From there on, it's game on!!!!!
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I was so impressed I didn't get the ful on the wonderful ;)

wow sounds wonder!! I think I'm jealous! lol