Contracting Around Your Body

My body is aching to have you inside me. The feel of your body ontop of me, sends electric currents throughout my body. I have to have you now. My body arches upwards to meet you as you gently glide yourself into me. Slow and gentle at first, until the desire to make love turns into something animalistic. I no longer can contain the urge to scream out your name. Impaling yourself into my soul. My body being stretched from your passion. Your lips devouring mine, bringing me to the most erotic ****** that I have ever felt. My body quivering on your erection. You realize at that moment I am yours forever. Hearing nothing from the outside world except the moans of pleasure that continue to escape my lips, you fill my body with your love. Still consuming my mouth with yours, making me feel the desire of your heart and soul. Me loving you just as you do me.
As you lay still inside me. I make my body contract around your ****. It contracts around it, then releases. I do this intentionally, because I know it will bring you to another ******. Oh ****, is all you can say, as I lay there quietly milking you for every drop that remains in your body. I want to watch you. Your expression on your face turns to the desire for me to continue to milk you. Never before have you experienced it. I am the first and will be the last. You won't be without me, ever. I love you too much! Mltmha!
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Jan 23, 2013