Touch Of Another Man

This story, I have only shared with one other person, my husband,but I decided to share it with you. This happened not long after I was fully lactating during the summer.
My lactation is completely a sensual and erotic experience for me. Once those babies start aching, every part of me aches. It doesn't take much and they will start leaking. Sometimes it's an erotic story, or could be as simple as my husband sending me an innocent text message during the day. I have no control over when they proceed on their own, I can only control what I do to release the pressure and the ache.
I had went to the grocery store to pick up a few things I needed at home. I was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts, cream color cami, with lace around the bottom and the top, a lacey white bra and cute flip flops. But as usual, no matter what I am shopping for, I ended up with my cart full of miscellaneous things. I love to shop!
Walking up and down each aisle continually picking up items to put in my cart. My cell phone lets out a loud " ting" which is my notification sound for text messages. I reach into my purse, push messages. Husband letting me know, he wouldn't be long today at work. So send text back, " shopping for dinner items, see you soon, love you". That's it. So put the phone back in purse, start down the aisle again,wasn't long when I feel started feeling wetness on my stomach, look down and they are alive!! My shirt had small wet circles on each side. Figured okay, if I leave now, it's not to bad. ( no control over them ) I try to think of things to take my mind off of it, maybe they will stop. THEY DON'T LISTEN! So I rush to checkout, trying not to look like I was rushing. Great, a man is cashier. Prefer this because men are less judging, when it comes to wet erect nipples, than a sixty year old woman, looking at you through her beady little glasses, as if you were up to something sinister in the store. Unload the cart of all items, move up to where I am standing behind that tiny little countertop( if you want to call it that) that you can write checks on. ( that's about the size of it, the size of a check, lol) but I am standing behind it trying to shield my wet shirt. Okay this does no good, the man is probably a good six foot, so was just providing him with a good vantage point. Perfect line of sight. Okay, I see a little humor in the situation, so have a little laugh to myself, when he first notices them. He wasn't very good at hiding the fact that he couldn't keep his eyes off them, even though he kept trying to look down as each item passed over the scanner, beep, beep, beep. So I am standing there with my little smirk on my face, couldn't help it. Then I see him.
When I had pulled into the store parking lot, I saw one of the managers, gathering the carts. I opened the door, gathered my purse, keys, and cellphone, and started toward the store. I noticed him watching me and smiling, so I smiled back and decided to give him a flirty little wink. He was quite attractive, I would guess in his mid-thirties, easily 6 ft. light brown hair, blue eyes, well trimmed beard ( trimmed to a thin line coming down his jaw line, meeting his moustache,{ also well trimmed,} right below his cute lips. He was wearing a white dress shirt with a tie and black slacks. Okay, so what, I was checking him out also!( okay, I am a sucker for a well dressed man, love suits, ties, uniforms, etc)
I continued toward the door, but could actually feel him staring still checking me out, so when the doors opened, I turned to look over my shoulder, met his eyes and gave him another flirty little wink.
So now he is a couple registers over helping bag someone groceries. He looked up and saw me. It felt like eternity standing there looking at each other. ( okay, My breast are leaking, aching, causing other parts of my body to ache, and this man is looking into my eyes as if he can see my soul, f***. ) I turn my attention, back to the man, scanning my items and my breast, wishing he would pay more attention to the items instead of the wet shirt and protruding nipples, so that I can get the hell out of there. Oh, no, the beeps, keep getting further and further apart, like he is stuck in slow motion or something. After what felt like ten minutes, but was probably less than a minute I glance back over in his direction, and it seems he too has noticed my condition. He turns and says something to a young guy, who immediately came over and took his place bagging the other persons groceries. ( I can't even tell you whether it was a man or woman) My heart skipped a beat when he walked over and started bagging my items, and asked me how my day was going. I quickly gathered myself, and told him " fine." he just smiled and continued to glance at me and my breast, while he added bags to my cart.
The cashier finally finished ringing up my items, I had already swiped my card and entered the code so that once he was done, I could leave. Slow man, handed me the receipt, I put it in my purse, grabbed the handle on the cart, waiting for the last bags to be placed in so I could run out of there. After he placed the last items into the last bag, he turned put the bag in the cart, his hand immediately move to the cart handle and placed his over mine. " Here, I will take that for you." As soon as his hand touched mine, it felt as though an electric current went through my body. I could do nothing but step aside and let him take the lead.
As we walked towards the car, I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Thoughts ran rampid through my mind. He glanced over to me, and it was as if he was reading my thoughts, said in a calm but quite sensual voice" They are quite lovely." I looked at him and knew he was talking about my breast. I smiled and said " thank you." Omg! I took a deep breath and exhaled, and in that instant, I let the tension go, felt my body relax, and knew that something was going to happen, didn't know what, and I was going to allow it.
( no matter where I go, I always park my car far away from the store, because of idiots that don't care about their cars and ding up everyone's doors. So to avoid choking some one, I park in the furtherest parking spot, lol)
When we reached my car, I push the button to open the trunk, and stood beside him as he loaded my car. He started the conversation by asking:

" How old is your baby?"

" Oh, I don't have a baby." Okay I see where the idea came from since the front of my shirt is nearly half soaked by this point with milk. So I can't fault him for that, but really, Do I look like I just had a baby. NO!!

" I assumed" looking down to my breast then back into my eyes.

Not usually this open with people, except on here, but it just came out," No, I breast feed my husband." Why did I just say that? Maybe because it felt like he could read my thoughts and was already in my head somehow. His look went from curious to deliciously curious.

" You let him drink your milk?" damn, he was so f****** hot right at that moment! I couldn't help myself. ( always have been the flirty and a little mischievous, but right then, felt extremely mischievous.)

" Of course, that's what they are for. Why do you want to taste them or would you prefer to feel them?" I said this in a little teasing way, not truly expecting him to take me up on my offer. Well, I asked the wrong person at the right time! Lol

" Yes," that's all he said, he put the last of the bags in the trunk and walked around my car to open th door for me. I think I may have been stunned or figured he was messing with me in the same way that I had done to him. I walk over to my car door. ( Thank God, it was early and there were not many cars in the parking lot. Which probably wouldn't have mattered at that point, and my driver door was facing opposite the store, so unless someone was really looking, probably wouldn't have realized what was going on.
He stepped closer to me as I stood with my back against the opening of the door. F***, he slid his hands under my cami, and lifted my bra over my breast, and caressed them. Omg, I remember his hands being so cool to the touch, and I gasped at his touch. His caresses quickly turned into massaging and tugging at my nipples. Felt like I was in heaven, it couldn't get any better than this moment. WRONG! He released my breast pulled his hands out from under my top, leaving my breast outside of my bra. Just as quickly pulled the top down in the front exposing my breast to the world. ( well not really because no one could see anything from where we were, but it felt like it.) he leaned over and started to lick the milk that was on my nipple. I think I moaned before he even had his mouth on them. F***! My body instinctively arch upwards to give him full access to them, take what you want is all I was thinking. He moved from one breast to the other and licked, nibbled and sucked for what felt like forever, but couldn't have been more than 5 or 10 minutes. When he was done, he gently slid my bra back over my breast, straightened my shirt and told me that he gets off at seven, " Would you come back to meet me then?" Honestly all I could think was, let's get in the F***** back seat, I would have done it right then and there. My body was aching and wanting so much more. ( just for the record, I am usually not that giving, and in the right frame of mind, it would have never went that far, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind!) I answered" yes,". He smiled and told me " see you then." and turned and walked toward the store. I sat in my front seat watching him make his way back to the store. Right before he went in, he turned and lifted his hand to wave.
What in the hell did I just do, is all that ran through my mind at that point, besides my body aching and craving more.

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Beautiful story...He was lucky to get a taste of your milk, something I crave!!

LOL Girl.... Nice line about.."They Don't Listen" !! Next time call me, I'll push the cart for 'ya. Crowbar

Grabs hand.. Walks real fast to walk-in freezer.. Wait we can't leave the cart, ice creme is melting.. F*^$@ the cart..