My Destiny

I wish you knew how much my heart breaks when your not

near. Wanting the comfort of being in your arms.

Protecting me with your love and shielding me from

everything that seeks to cause harm. I desire the comfort

of your heart. It soothes me. I long to be filled with your

passion. Loving me tenderly, drawing me close, whispering

in my ear. " I love you and only you." my heart skips a

beat at the thought of your fingers tracing my body. Your

lips near mine, breathing in each other. Your body entering

mine, as though we were created for each other!Your eyes

staring into my soul! You feel my heart, you know it has

always been you. I have loved you for eternity. I desire to

give myself completely to you. My defenses are useless

against your desires. I will fulfill them all! It is my purpose

to love you. You are my destiny, now and forever! Mltmha!
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Jan 23, 2013