John and Lori

Laying in bed, thinking of you, the phone startled me. I lean over and picked it up off my nightstand. My heart skipped a beat,as i look at the screen, John , it's you calling. My heart pounding, I want to answer it. Somehow you have managed to get into my head. My body responds to your every word. My heart is yelling to answer the damn phone. My mind is remembering our last conversation and how you said you wanted to give your marriage one last chance. The sinking feeling I got when you had said that you still love Lori. Why are you calling now? I have just begun to pull myself back together. My heart has begun to heal, from knowing that our emotional connection that we have, can never be.
My hands trembling, as I answer the phone, not knowing what to expect.
"Hello" barely escapes my lips, in anticipation of what you will say.
" Hi, it's me. I have been thinking about you. I can't seem to get you off my mind. I was wondering if.......well, Lori is gone for the day, Do you think you could come over so, we can talk?"
My mind is running wild with thoughts. What do we need to talk about. He's been thinking about me. Lori is gone. My immediate response was " yes." " Good I will see you in a bit" you said just before you hang up.
I grab my keys and purse and head out the door, its only a 45 minute drive to your house, I remember from our first encounter in your marital bed. I could never forget that. I pull up in front, my nerves are a wreck. How I want to be in your embrace again, but do not want to seem to eager, not knowing what you are wanting to say. I reach the door, stand there for a second, deeply inhaling and releasing my tension with the breath. I knock on the door. Another deep breath. I hear the lock disengage and you open the door. I stood there mesmerized once again by you. Our eyes lock and I read yours, it isn't nothing bad, I think to myself. Opening the door wider, you don't say a word ,but gesture for me to come in. I hear the door close and turn to face you. Immediately you move to me, grabbing me up into your arms as you did at our first meeting. Passionately enveloping my mouth into yours, my body trembling, aching. You to are overwhelmed, i feel it in the way you kiss me, as if this was our first time. Releasing my lips you whisper" I have missed you so much." then moving your mouth to my neck, inhaling my scent, feeling my warmth, " I dont ever want to be without you!" and with that you take my hand and lead me again to the place we first made love.
You settle yourself on the end of the bed, with the mattress catching you right behind the knees. My body and mind are overwhelmed, it's as if everything is moving in slow motion. You pull me to you carefully removing my cami top, exposing my breast.You move in on them quickly almost feverishly desiring to consume them. After a few minutes of playing with each one, you release your suction, and stare at my body. Raising your hand to the waistline of the short black skirt, you methodically remove it effortlessly, dropping it to the floor. I memorized your body, before and longed to touch it again. You remove your shirt, and pants letting them drop to the floor. Not another second will be wasted between us. Sitting on the beds edge still I move to place my knees on either side of you, once again encompassed in your kisses. Diving deeper each time as our tongues, and bodies want to be even closer. To be under each others skin. I need you now, I lower myself onto you slowly, enjoying the slow drive down your shaft until you are completely inside. Our bodies work in unison, as they did the first time, bringing me quickly to an electrifying ******, with you not long after exploding into me, filling me with your passion.
Knowing we had so much more to give each other, you grab me by the ***, still inside me, stand up and lower me to the center of the bed. How I love the feel of your weight on top of me. Guiding yourself in and out of me with powerful thrusts. Each one harder than the last, your **** growing harder until it feels like you could penetrate my soul. You have! My body arching up to meet yours, until the final thrust that sends me over the edge. My screams of ecstasy are just what you need to bring you over the edge with me. Collapsing in each others arms, completely content. Rolling yourself to the side to lay beside me as you latch back onto my breast, wanting to completely deplete them of their soothing fluid, that you have come to love o much. I lay there watching you, stroking your face. Admiring your passion, then I notice her. I recognize her from the pictures you showed me. It's Lori, looking through the door, that was opened only a couple inches. She stood there watching. Our eyes lock once they meet each other, and I sense something different than anger. A curiosity, of the way she has seen you passionately loving me. I lower my face to your kiss your forehead and whisper in your ear. You let go of my breast, and I climb from her bed, completely naked, walking to her. Her eyes searching mine for reassurance. I open the door, reach out both of my hands grabbing hers, giving her a gentle smile. You love her, I shall love her to. Guiding her slowly into the room, her long red hair cascading around her face. Her beautiful curvaceous body, and beautiful large breast, Yes, I will love her also. You have done as I asked and went into your bathroom to clean up. Although unsure of how Lori is going to react., closing the door behind you. I release her hands any brush her hair back from her eyes. Taking her chin into my hands and looking her in the eyes, I reassure her, that I will not hurt her. Slowly removing her clothes, kissing every part of exposed skin. When she had come home early and saw you in bed with me, she never realized, this would happen, but searching my eyes found something that had peeked her curiosity, relinquishing to her inner desires, she accepted my gestures and finally started returning them. With each kiss our hands moved over each other bodies. Tasting her skin, inhaling her scent, I gently lower her to the bed, still reassuring her. My hands gliding over the softness of her legs, up her thigh, moving cautiously to her inner thighs. There I find the truth, her wetness exposed. Yes, she had enjoyed watching us. Lowering my face between her thigh, slowly but methodically kissing her inner thigh until I reach her glorious mound, that I start to lick gently at first. Her moans are a give away, she has relinquished herself to me. This beautiful woman laying here allowing me to taste all her essence. My body charge once again,mad I lower my hand to between my thighs providing myself with the same pleasure I was giving her. I nibble slightly on her **** then insert my tongue, licking up everything she is providing to me. Deep moans escaping her lips, her body on the edge of exploding. I continue my assault on her ***** until she can no longer contain herself. Her hips rising to meet my mouth, grinding into me. Sends my body into convulsions on my fingers and hers onto my tongue. I lay beside her as our bodies continue to have aftershocks of what we had just experienced. Hearing the noise, you had came back to the room, just in time to see me giving your wife the most erotic ****** that you had ever seen..............
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Jan 23, 2013