John and Lori (part 2)

Your standing in the bathroom door, in awe, of what you have just seen. Your body erect from pure passion, for me and for Lori. She has evoked feelings in you, that you did not know existed.
I gently ease myself out of the bed, guiding her to sit on the edge of the bed. I can no longer resist the urge to latch onto her large, beautifully full breast. Her desire to be suckled, she never revealed to you. Shes been pumping for almost a month now. But there's something about them, a magnetic draw, that baits me. I lower myself on my knees in front of her. It's the perfect position to ravish these lactating breast. My mouth slowly licking and kissing them, careful not to touch the sensitive nipples until just the perfect time.
Your curiosity has overcome you, as you watch me finally latch on, and her gentle moans. Her body reacting to my every touch. You leave the comfort of the doorway and settle yourself beside me on the floor, amazed at the milk that flows from your wife's breast, and how willing she is to let me enjoy her hidden treasure. Trying to taste as much of her sweet fluid as i can, yet I relinquish a little of the precious milk to let it flow from my mouth, down and over the natural curve of her breast, flowing down her stomach. Allowing her to feel that sweet sensation. Low moans are being released from her luscious lips.
You gather your thoughts and decide to join me in sharing this gift she provides. You move to your knees, following my lead, carefully licking and kissing at first, the enveloping Lori's aerolas into your mouth. Slowly gently tugging, your surprised to taste the sweet milk she has produced. Lori's head leans back as her moans become more vocal. Her body desiring more of both of us.
I can no longer resist this temptress, and move my hand between her thighs once again feeling her wetness, where it had ran down her thighs. Inserting one then two fingers into her slit.I am determined to give her all me, slowly moving my fingers in and out in slow motion, where she can feel the thickness of the fingers and the length, feeling extremely long as I slowly pull them out to the tip, before the slow insertion back deep into her *****.
Still latched on, your body is overwhelmed with the situation, never before have you shared your wife with another person. Your member shows exactly how desirable this is to you, listening to your wife enjoy my mouth and fingers. You enjoying this creamy milk that enters your mouth, you move your hand between my legs and begin the same process on my body.
Your desires overcome you, as you insert two fingers into me, but not as lovingly as I continue on Lori. Your fingers plunging into me. My body seizing the opportunity to ride them. Lori reaches out to wrap her fingers in your hair as she starts feeling the heat that starts to rise in her body. Sensing her need, I increase the assault on her mound. Her body arching forward, gyrating on my fingers, she now screams out in ecstasy, as she releases her ****** on my fingers. Her body tightening around my finger, like a vacuum, drawing them in deeper. Almost simultaneously, my body reacts to her screams, and I grasp your hand, grind myself into the inserted fingers. Squirting my hot fluid, over your hand. Leaning into Lori, wrapping my arms around her, our bodies once gain convulsing in the aftershocks that send waves over our bodies. Once, again you sit back watching, amazed at what you have just seen. Your member erect, dripping precum. After the convulsions subside, I join Lori in the bed. You follow. Our adventure has just begun!
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Jan 23, 2013