One Never Knows

I feel like I should share my personal thoughts on some things about EP that I have been reflecting on the last two days. Reflection always gives me clarity. The reason people, men and women are on here, whether you are in a good relationship or not, is because of our natural urge to be desired. Some come looking for that perfect someone, others come for casual meetings, while others are here to find people with the same desires that they have. Which ever category we fit into, we end up meeting people we enjoy talking to, even if they are not what we are looking for, it's always nice to chat with someone you find interesting, intelligent, someone that stimulates you mentally.
There are times when you run across a person, that you go down your check list, and they fit perfectly. You chat, make each other laugh, sad when the other is having a bad day, someone who you think makes it worth getting up in the morning and want to jump on EP, just to see if you have a waiting note, or they may be on. This is a wonderful feeling knowing she/he is there for you. I wish everyone luck that has those feelings and hope it works out for you. Now I am going to get up on my soapbox and give you a reality check. Sorry, but somethings are important enough not to ignore.
You really don't know anyone in here. You may have these feelings about a woman on here, what if in reality it's a man? You seen pics, but maybe a family members pics. Who really knows. It may be a man, age 40-45, you have been talking on the phone to, but just to find out he fudged his age by two categories., and might be around 56 or so.Who really knows. This person may be the sweetest most giving person you have ever met, but to find out they have been married 2 or 3 times and has history of beating his ex's. One never knows. Some are here and have learned to play the game, don't trust that something they say to you is not being said to someone else. (Players) they are here, preying on the unsuspecting, waiting for their chance to move in. Some don't like rejection and will revert to playing games, most of us outgrew in Middle School.
Those that are here,(are in happy relationships), just to meet others with similar interest also should beware. If, like me, you are a big flirt, make sure you pay attention to what others may be saying to you. Be cautious of others feelings. Although, it maybe fun to play and flirt, some on here are not in happy relationships and may take your gestures or attention to mean things other than what you intend. Make sure your friends know you are happy and are here only for fun, friendships, conversations, and yes maybe to flirt. I want all to be careful, one never knows who we are really chatting with. I hope no one, especially any in my circle, to go through some things I have experienced on here. I am not here to hurt or play on anyones emotions. I am here to meet new people, have fun and yes flirt a little or maybe a lot. Understand, I do have a line, ( my family) and if that line is crossed, I will remove you from my list. I don't mind comments, questions, gestures, apologies(lol), chatting and flirting. These are acceptable, I have no issues with this. But if you play games with my family or contact other friends pretending to be me, then the sweet sexy me, will turn into the wrath of hell. Please don't doubt me. I am happily married and love my children very much. Some lines you just don't cross. ............stepping down from my soapbox now.........take care
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

real good story , i agree with you for the most part, now you have me thinking why am i on here, i have the fast answers but am still thinking. lol have a great day.