Do You Love As I Do?

Thinking of you, every second of everyday,

Consuming my thoughts and body.

Letting down walls that have been

built to keep all others at bay.

My heart racing in my chest at

Just the thought of you being near.

Allowing you into secret places of myself,

where none has ventured before you.

Giving myself to you any way you desire,

Wanting nothing but to please you.

Secretly, my desires have me touching myself

Like I daydream of you doing when we touch.

Wanting to kiss and taste every inch of your

Body, taking in all of you, consuming you.

Desiring to give myself to completely, and

Desiring you to give yourself to me completely.

I want to be yours and only yours,

I want you to be mine and only mine.

This is how I love

Do you love as I do?
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Jan 23, 2013