Good Morning Sunshine!

I awake to my breast aching from being engorged. Laying in the bed besides you, I know I can wake you to relieve my pain. This morning though, I lay beside you, watching you sleep. My breast afire, I bring my hands up from under the covers and start to massage them. I love the feel of them when they are completely full. How my mind can think of nothing else during this time. They are so firm when my milk fills them. Continuing to caress and massage, the little droplets of silk form on the top of each erect nipple. I love to see my milk as it starts to dribble from my nipples. Taking my finger, I quickly gather the milk and place it to my mouth. Such a sweet taste. Mmmm, my hands return to my breast this time with the expectancy of gathering more for me to lick. Gently I wrap my hand around the underside of my breast lifting them slightly, and running my thumb from the top of the breast slowly to the nipple. Oh, how it pleases me when I do this, and my milk sprays in a fine mist. Nothing more sexy. Continuing my mission to taste more. I continue until the milk starts to dribble from my nipples, over the natural curve of my breast. I again gather as much as I can, then place my fingers to my mouth, licking them clean of every drop of wetness. Although, this pleases me, it is nothing compared to your mouth inhaling them. Feeding on this precious load that I produce for you.
I turn to be on my side facing you, so that when you wake they will be there for your pleasure and mine. Gently running my fingernails down the length of your arm, trying to awake you. Your eyes slightly open. You know they are ready. Closing your eyes back, you gently side your body towards mine. Nuzzling them with your nose at first. You can feel the wetness from where I have begun to express them while you slept. Carefully moving your mouth to the top of the erect mound that you love as much as I do, you tug softly, at first, knowing when they are full, and it is quite painful to suck with any type of roughness in the beginning. Gently tugging them and squeezing them between your lips, until they begin to release what you are anticipating. Your suction increasing little by little, until they begin spraying into your mouth. I watch your mouth and my breast rising and falling in a perfect movement together. This is where I want you. Once finished with one you immediately move to the other. You are so beautiful to me when I watch you, I couldn't love you any more than right at this moment in time. I love touching your face, running my fingers around all your facial features. Kissing your forehead, you moan slightly to acknowledge my love. Once you finish, you raise your face to mine, gently kissing my lips. Loving the touch of your lips on mine as much as I love your mouth on my breast. Releasing them, you look up to me and say" Good morning, sunshine!" Mltmha!
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

wow.. someday would love to have this again.... beautiful story..

OMG!!! Incredible! How I ache for this!