It's Always Been You

I want to be alone with you. The weekend is ours and ours alone.

I love looking into your eyes, full of passion. I know you want me, as much as I do you.

Coming to you, to have you wrap your arms around me, I dream of being here. Your embrace soothes my soul.

You taking my face into your hands, lowering your face to mine, caressing my lips with yours. Your kiss is gentle and warm, as if your tasting me.

My heart pounding desiring more. Me inhaling your scent, memorizing it into my soul.

You kissing my breast, sucking gently, taking everything they have to give, I am yours.

You making love to me is so sensuous and demanding at the same time, almost like the first time. The rush of passion and emotions are overwhelming.

I have loved you since the beginning and will love you til the end. It's always been you. Mltmha!
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Jan 23, 2013