Playing On The Interstate

Despite what you think, I do have a little naughty side that comes out every now and then. Lol. Our trips out of town are about a 5 hour drive. After my breast are completely relieved, it only takes about 2 hours for them to become engorged again. Because of the trip taking so long, I usually have hubby, massage them, by putting his hand down my shirt and massaging, rubbing, squeezing etc..which I can assure you, it usually doesn't end there, lol... I usually wear something comfortable for the long trip and accessible in any way ;) depending on the mood that hits during the trip.
During our last trip, hubby was massaging the girls when he decides he was just going to pull one out of my shirt, allowing anyone in a big truck to see the action going on. I don't do it, but I don't stop him either! Well, he's playing around with one ( btw, while driving) and would slow down every time he was passing someone with a great vantage point. About 45 minutes into his little game, I am very aroused, and the girls are squirting. Needless to say the playing stopped. Game on! He pulled off onto the side of interstate, put the car in park. I leaned my seat back a little to give him full access, to whatever. Girls were relieved from the bra, top pulled down and nipple stimulation began. When he manually expresses my milk, I find that very erotic!
Eventually, he moved his seat back and leaned over and started sucking from one while stimulating the other. My body was on fire at this point. First because it's broad daylight, people driving by can pretty much tell what's going on. His mouth feeling so hot on my breast, and the other is releasing its contents. I am completely wet by this point so, I raised my feet to the front windshield, legs apart, ready for anything and everything. His hands move down to between my thighs, as soon as he feels how wet I am, he moaned softly. This sends waves throughout my body. Fingers were probing me, hard and fast. My breast were aching, my wetness increasing, his hands and mouth were ravishing my body, until I could not take another minute of ecstasy. My hips arched towards his fingers to assist in the final plunges. My body could not contain itself, as I squirted all over his hand. My body convulsed for what seemed like an eternity. Omg, it was an amazing ******. After which, I licked his fingers clean and gave him a passionate kiss.
I can't even imagine what the guy that detailed my car the next day thought. Milk on the dashboard, leather seats showing signs of spillage. Oh, we'll he gets tipped good! Lol
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Jan 23, 2013