Friday Night ( Part 2)

As I entered the bathroom, I saw the gift on the counter top, but decided not to open it until I had cleaned up. So, I turned on the shower letting the water stream over my hand until it was the perfect temperature. I checked the shower to make sure everything I would need was already there. I stepped into the steaming water and noticed him enter the bathroom with my bag that we had left by the front door. I stood there letting the water wash over my body as he admired me through the frosted glass.
I closed my eyes as the water flowed through my hair, enjoying the feeling of it. My body still in active mode from our first encounter.
A cool breeze touched my body as I realized he had opened the shower door and had decided to join me. My heart once again racing at the thought of his touch. His hands tracing down my sides as he stood behind me. Then wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to him as he kissed my neck. Then slowly kissing down my back, making sure not one spot of me was not touched with his lips. My chest rising and falling as my breathing started to deepen with anticipation. His kisses returning towards my neck once again. He knew all my secret places that actually drive me to the point of insanity, leaving me wet, dripping actually.
His hands moving to mine, placing my palms flat against the shower walls. My moisture starting to wet my thighs with a slickness that has my body gyrating backwards against him. His hand grabbed my hip, as the other led his hardness to its destination. He entered me slowly this time, letting me feel the length and girth of his arousal. His other hand moving to my other hip, pulling my body into him. The thrusts becoming deeper and faster. My body quivering under his control. His grasp on my hips tightening as he forcefully stabs me from behind.
Drilling me, forcing to fill me completely with his stiff erection. My hips moving on their own, to meet his thrusts. Head turning from side to side, my body feeling the torture of a climax that felt like insanity. The low moans quickly became screams of pure pleasure and delight that continued to escape me, as he held me tight and continued his assault deep into my mound. His erection still growing in length as our bodies kept meeting each other, until I could no longer restrain the final leap over the edge. My body constricting around his ****, holding it tight, until he filled me completely with his own pleasure.
Pulling my entire body to him as he supported me, my legs weak from the explosion that ran throughout my entire body. My head leaned backwards against his chest, my breathing still labored from the intense pleasure we shared. Lowering his mouth to my ear, he whispered, " Time to get ready for dinner. The nights just begun!"
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Jan 23, 2013