Friday Night (part 1)

Thank God, for gps, it took well over 8 hours to arrive. A little hidden cabin, deep in the mountains, nothing around for miles. I pulled in and admired the scenery. The cabin with smoke billowing from the chimney, snow covering the ground, the limbs of trees looking as though the would snap at the weight that has been placed upon them by the magnificent snow that continued to fall. The windows of the cabin, with condensation over them from the warmth that awaited me inside and the man, I wanted to spend the weekend with. This would be the first of my encounters with my new friend. I had seen pictures sent to me privately through messages. No one else could ever envision such a magnificent body that hid in plain sight behind his username. The sensual athletic build, with 19 inch biceps, was an added bonus for me, his mind had been what originally caught my attention. His way of constantly intriguing me with his coy little mannerisms. The slight play on words that would always keep me on my toes. Usually I am the one tempting without saying. Suggesting without actually offering. He managed to out play my own game with me, of all people.
Now it's come to this moment, all the messages, chats, emails and personal calls had left me right here in front of this cabin, excited yet scared, intrigued yet nervous. Looking one more time at the quaint little cabin, I took one last deep breath before exiting my car. Grabbing my bag, that was full of a lot of nothing, I headed towards the door.
As I reached the top step, the door opened, my heart skipped a beat as I saw first hand the absolutely beautiful man that stood there awaiting me.
He immediately took my bag and tossed it to the side of the doorway. Grasped my face in his palms, devouring my lips, the physical and emotional tension crashing into us at this moment. Picking me up into his arms, he closed the door with his foot, and turned towards the bedroom. Our mouths still searching each others, this long awaited moment thrilled us, caused my body to tremble. I wanted this for so long, needed it actually. We both had waited too long for this, and everything this would hold for each of us. Our euphoric ride has just begun.
As he reached the bed, he set me down, whispered in my ear and asked, " Do you trust me?" lowering his mouth to my neck, nibbling and kissing, my arousal becoming quite evident as I could not even answer him. Not that I didn't want to, my body was already screaming "yes" but the word would not leave my lips. I managed to shake my head, as my black London Fog fell to the floor. His hands felt so warm to the exposed skin. My head leaned backwards, my eyes closed, my body being tortured by his touch.
My senses returned quickly, as he stopped everything. I opened my eyes to see him looking at my body, not just looking but seeing my body. His eyes met mine, I could feel all the passion that we shared without ever being together. He carefully lowered himself to his knees, with his hand wrapped around my boot at calf height. He unzipped the boot and removed it, so carefully that just that simple gesture sent an electric current throughout my body. His hand still on my calves, as he touched every inch of my leg below the knee. Eventually moving to the other boot, removing it in a similar manner. After completely undressed, "Do you trust me?" he asked. I wanted nothing more than to say yes. It was our first encounter, my brain was saying, "No" but my body wanted nothing more than to experience all we had discussed over the last month. Things I had been completely sheltered from, that he wanted nothing more than to take my hand and experience with me. All I could say was " Yes". His blue eyes dancing at the prospect of the things he would be able to show me.
" I want you to be 100% sure this is what you want, if you have any doubts, we should stop now."
" I don't want to stop, I want to experience everything with you."
" Good, I want you to climb into the middle of the bed, laying on your back." my heart was racing. My body surging with excitement of what the weekend and he held in store for me. I immediately climbed to the middle of the bed, laying there nude and exposed. He reached into the nightstand where he had placed a red silk eye cover. He leaned over me and encased my lips with his, as he slowly covered my eyes with the silk. His lips still tasting mine.
I felt his movement on the bed as his lips finally released mine. Laying there trying to hear every movement he made, excitement and torture at the same time. How I wanted him close so to feel him. His hand ran down the length of my arm until it reached my wrist. Softness enveloped them. I could feel the sleekness of a silk scarf, as he tied my right wrist then attached it to something on the right side of the bed. My heart pounding in my ears, I could envision what he had in mind for our first encounter. He had been the perfect choice for my web based seducer. I could hear his movement from the right side of the bed to the left, feeling my left wrist being tied as the right. He moved quickly to the end of the bed. My legs being pulled apart and tied. Not so tight as to cause pain but tight enough to limit my movement.
Then silence, I could feel his eyes, taking in my body. His silence was alluring, I knew he was soaking in every inch of my bodyguard. I lay perfectly still, except for wetting my lips every once in awhile. The silence ended as I could hear his steps around the bed. His pants unzipping, and falling to the floor.
I lay there horny but yet so breast exposed to him, standing erect in anticipation. With his finger tips he grasped them pulling upwards toward the nipples. I felt an energy coursing through my veins. His knowledge of how incredibly sensitive my nipples are was nothing less than intense. He set his palms of his hands on top of my nipples. The warmth of his hands warmed my entire body. Then his massaging of them commenced.
My body moved slightly to his touch as I heard a gentle moan leave my lips. He moved his hands over and across my breasts, increasing my pleasure, knowing already he was going to be one of the best lovers I had ever had.
I could feel his body moving closer to me, and knew he was just as aroused as I was, but was not afforded the sight of seeing his erection.his hands flowed downwards across my mound and continued down my legs.
Sight is a wonderfully erotic, but not seeing but truly feeling every touch was much more intense than I had ever expected.
He moved himself down toward my feet, and slowly moving himself, up my legs once again, this time, plunging his finger forcefully deep inside me. My entire body arched in delight. The sensation was overwhelming. My mouth opened as I let out a deeper groan.he withdrew his finger. As I pleaded, for him not to stop. He stroked the other leg and before I knew it, he had plunged in his finger once again. My body twisted as he held his finger deep inside of me. One of his hands moved to my breast as the other stayed deep inside of me. No longer caressing my breast but completely groping them. After a short time the hand groping my breast moved downward and started rubbing my **** in unison with the one inside me drilling me to my first ******. My body shuddering in delight as a massive flow of energy followed a path throughout my body. Waves of pleasure oozed from my body, covering his fingers, hand and arm. I had never mentioned to him that I am actually a squirter, not that it mattered, he was enthralled with my bodies contribution. As I tried to return my breathing to normal, he moved his body to where he was hovering over me. My body ached to feel him inside of me, please.....please.... I begged. " shhhh, all in good time, my love. As his lips followed the curves of my breast down to my stomach. Lingering awhile on each area. He then reached across the bed to the same dresser, although I could see nothing, I felt his every move.
I felt his harness, pushed against my wetness, but never entering me. My body craved him. As he drew near, he once again stopped, taking his open hand and slapping my **** with his fingertips, enough to startle me, not enough to cause real pain. The feeling of his warm fingers flat handed slapping my **** was amazing. My body building in pleasure. Once again his torment stopped and he moved just a bit closer. Taking his erection in hand, started tapping it against my ****. My body feeling every remarkable touch, that was being intensified by his torture on my mind and body. Bringing me so close to an ******, but never letting me leap over that edge again. Finally leaning over letting me taste the delicious fluids that covered his fingers, my sweetness. This must have been what he was waiting on. Positioning himself above me, feeling his weight on my body, feeling his breath, he impaled me with his hardness, not giving me time o adjust to his size. Thrusting in and out of me until our bodies, joined as one, erupted simultaneously, leaving us sweaty and breathless. His hands released my hand and feet from their captivity. Then taking my mouth captive in replacement. His mouth moving to my ear, and whispered, " I love and need you." My desire was off the scale right at that moment. We laid in bed for what seemed like eternity, holding each other, brushing our hands against each others body. Enjoying the solitude and quiet, before finally he let me know he had purchased a gift for me and it was in the bathroom. " go get a shower, we have reservations for dinner in an 1 1/2 hours. Your gift will be perfect for the occasion. I gave him another kiss and walked to the bathroom, with his eyes following me all the way.
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The story is one of the best I have ever read. gives the reader a detailed romantic vision describe the emotion as well the actions.
Thank you for sharing such elegant story.